WiFi / Networking

WiFi is essential for most of the solutions you will find at MySafeFamily.Info. Just because your laptop or phone has good WiFi does not mean your wireless camera, Amazon Echo, Video Doorbell or other Internet-Of- Things (IOT) devices will operate with equal success.  Most the time you will not have problems, but if you do,  an understanding of the basics can go a long way in helping you solve many common issues. Here you will find articles on selecting the right AC router, WiFi access point, modem and more.   

Home Networking 101

Wi-Fi is common for most households but good Wi-Fi is not. Most homes have a single Wi-Fi access point and it may or may not be in the best location for  adequate coverage. There is a lot of misconceptions about Wi-Fi products so let's see if I can't clear a few things up for you. 

First, we need to go over the basic components of a WiFi network.

Advanced Home Networking - Routers

The most basic function of a router is to keep internet traffic isolated between two networks. Only traffic authorized to enter your home network is allowed in and only internet devices (clients) authorized by your router are allowed to communicate on your network. Wide Area Network (WAN) ports are the outside or incoming ports. Local Area Network (LAN) ports are inside your network.